22 June 2013

Paula Deen and a n***er walk into a bar

The food network kicked Paula Deen to the curb because she said the N word. So let me get this straight, she uses a racial slur she applogzed for, a slur in private conversation and she gets the boot while that asshole Guy Fieri gets caught doing the same thing, but with gays, and nothing happens to him. Not only did nothing happen to him, but the Food Network sticks by him and no one bothered to make a stink of it in the media.


  1. I want to feel bad for her but seriously, what white person still uses the word nigger in casual conversation even when it's a private one?

    Also she's like ninety something and a millionaire, I have exactly no fucks to give that she's a dirty racist.

    Also can we be facebook friends?

  2. People say from that part of the south she's from, in the era she grew up in, there isn't an old southern man or woman today who still DOESN'T use the word nigger. Now, does that excuse it? No, but I think to dismiss the other 99% of her character over this is a little much.

    I don't have a facebook account. Who'd want to friend me? Creepy relatives? Fairweather friend? Strangers who want to up thier 'friend' count? I already take it personally when someone stops following my blog. This place is enough. I'm also tired of investing the effort on sites only to be kicked out (Art of Manliness, Huntch, Sarcasm Society, Realjock, unthink, etc).

    If you want to friend Russ though, he's open (he re-activated his account). Russell Curl (his avatar is the orange old fashioned "gay dance party" sign).

  3. Oh, maybe you missed this part:


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