02 May 2013

Stepford Fag

I'm literally looking out a picture window at a mulberry tree (I've been eating the things so I HOPE it's a mulberry tree instead of toxic berries that will eat my dick away from the inside out like that fish in the Amazon) and I'm wondering how I got here. I don't care who believes me or not, but Russ got an inheritance from his dad. The man was smart enough to invest in those big cranes that dig for oil off shores. Russ didn't talk to his dad for the last 5 years of his life because he made a scene when Steve died (Russ's gay brother who died of AIDS) and I went to the funeral (he told Russ; "How DARE you bring him to a family funeral") so it was a big surprise when Russ was contacted by an attorney. We are talking about a couple of mil. I have all I need so I think it's just travel for us, something I don't care about. I've eaten caviar and have tried all the freaky things I've wanted to try because my big thing is flavor on my mouth, I'm happy with my clothes, I'm going to get a killer car (money green, Aston Martin convertible) and what's left after that? I've never wanted since I was a kid so it's not a big deal for me. I'm thinking of giving to charity. Why am I so unhappy?


  1. maybe buying me a house would make you happy? probably not. are you missing closure?

  2. Christ, I would kill for a new car that doesn't freeze shut when the temps dip below fifty. I mean if you really want to feel good about yourself.

  3. Shelley,

    I don't know what I'm missing. Life has never been a big showcase of excitement for me, reminds me of that song by Peggy Lee; "Is That All There is?" He's already buying a house for my sister and a condo for my niece. He's sending my mom on a cruise to Alaska. I'll probably end this blog then because I'll be busy keeping myself with other forms of wasting time.


    The estate is still in probate, you'll probably get a descent car before we get the dough.

    1. Ugh that's true, I forgot about probate. Well it's good to know your a glamorpuss without the inheritance anyway. Stop crashing straight sponsored funerals without me.


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