12 May 2013


Adam Williams is now all over the place (Russ's stepdad) for some reason, even has a wiki page now. For those who don't remember...

This probate thing is taking too long for Russ's liking and he's now looking into these companies that will give you an advance of your inheritance (who knew?), for a price. We're talking about 1 mil for now until he gets his big money (they'll get at least 25 thou out of it). He wants it so bad he can taste it at this point. Leave it up to my sister to have plans for Russ's dough, now she's talking about a bigger house (one with a turret) and plastic surgery, and my niece is now talking about Russ buying her into a restaurant franchise so she'll have continual money. Who knew my family were like that? If I didn't keep about talking about killing my mother-in-law with exotic poisons (that I will now be able to afford) on my blog, I probably would have gotten away with it, now I incriminated myself all over the place here (God knows what money he'll give HER). Russ would kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill me if he know I was giving out all this personal information.

I've wondered about the direction of this blog, if I should even keep it. I've really put my heart in it, bled a little of myself into it. Isn't that the point of having a personal blog? I've always thought only a few get it, get me, and if I should bother with this small place in the blogsphere when there are so many wonderful blogs about baby cakes and horology that have tons of attention, maybe I am just a weird gay boy thinking people will find me interesting when I was wrong all along. I see myself sitting in a lounge overlooking the lights of Hong Kong (I'll make it happen) and writing here...
...melancholy and buzzed as always.

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