21 May 2013

Mac's thick and throbbing truck

Believe it or not, I've grown accustomed to Palmdale's face. I'm really feeling this fresh, always windy chilly weather (I don't DO humid weather. I hate sweating even when I work out) and snow and I can deal with the dry heat. We want to buy an estate on the good side of town (read; white) next to all this hub of activity that's the mall, a Trader Joes, nice restaurants and this place on Rancho Vista Blvd. They have an aqueduct that looks like a pretty lake with boats with houses on small hills over-looking it up the Blvd, Poppy festivals and a half-assed water park that beats having no water park at all. The San Fernando valley has 3 levels of smog, always (it's like living in a miasma), no bodies of water,, it's never cold or breezy and too many Armenians. Goodbye men who take cologne baths who think they can transplant Armenia in Burbank one piece at a time. Plus a 'house' we could get in Los Angeles (the only other place we would consider living) we can get a freakn' mansion here in Palmdale for the same price.

Did I mention this place is also gay-cruise city, Palmdale has no gay bars and no cruising areas like say the valley with it's Griffith Park so you have an assload of guys on a Friday night just cruising around the areas looking for some type of action. I run on a road that you can see me from two different streets and guys just park and check me out, stand out of their cars for me to check THEM out with their half open disheveled shirts, pant bulge and reeking of pot and tequila who try to start all kinds of awkward conversations with me that I ignore. If I were a girl I'd think I'd be raped by now.


  1. I'm glad you enjoy it. I'M NEVER GOING BACK!! I couldn't stand the wind, it made me want to shave my head, which probably isn't the best look for me. I will stick with visiting the few people I know who still live there and continue to get my hair done (cut and color for 50$), and then I will drive my ass back to hb and live happily ever after. Have you tried this place http://www.doubledcupcakes.com? the name cracks me up, plus it is by one of my favorite mexican food places.

  2. I'm digging the "Morning Glory" and "Sticky Monkey" cupcakes.

    I love the wind. You grew up with fresh air. When Russ and I would go up to the top of the Holiday Inn in Burbank and overlook the city, I swear there would be at least 3 different layers of smog that make a sticky heat, I grew up in that shit, throw in the horror of the Burbank Police (STILL have a court date for Oct 3rd over there) and the feeling I'm in an Arab city and now I wondered why I stayed there so long. I really think it's location location location with Palmdale. But I feel you. I lived in Tucson Az with my sister when I was younger and I couldn't wait to leave all that barren wasteland of desert and rednecks.

  3. I'm loving the tiny disclaimer at the bottom: or stains

  4. The Holiday Inn in Burbank is a hoot. On top was the "Starlight Lounge" that had no air conditioning and had a "magic Piano" that played by itself with a carpet pattern that would make you dizzy if you stared at it too long. On the bottom floor was a bar lounge with a stage I would go up and sing songs because of dares in the middle of the afternoon (the few people in the audience were afternoon drunks who didn't pay attention and the moon-faced Thai bartender never stopped me). The type of entertainment they would book there would be a native American duo named; "Jonnie Long Rifle and his Dad."


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