23 November 2012

Locking Glass

I'm getting the (sinking) feel for my surroundings here in beautiful downtown-less Palmdale. I know learn we are in 'East' Palmdale where all the Mexicans are and not in 'West' Palmdale where all the honkies are. Why do I think the sun shines just a little brighter at an IHOP in West Palmdale? I don't mind because I'm brown myself and I'm a suave number here compared to the majority who are vatos with no body definition (is "Arm Fat" a Mexican gang? It should be), I feel like I'm Cheryl Tiegs.

The house on the other side of our fence have these fowl mouthed kids who like to scream; "You Bastard!" at 8:03 AM and the neighbor to the left of us looks and acts like Macy Grey's character in the movie "Training Day."


  1. She was my favorite character in that movie.

  2. Not so cute when you actually live right next to her. She has these "gin and juice" parties every other day and young black men come stumbling out the next morning.
    I clutch my pearls when I go by and my asshole squeezes shut.


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