11 November 2012

Does this fireplace make me look fat?

Well, we're in our new digs. Russ fooled me by saying we had a itsy backyard and when I finally saw it, it's the land size that could fit a Costco parking lot. It even has a two tiered, rock, water fountain that I swear is a good 50 feet across. We have a kitchen the size of a Kiwanis dance hall and even though it was built in '84, it feels like a luxurious mansion from the 60's and I'm the rich matron of the house waiting for her son to come back from the Vietnam war. Now the bad news.

This dry weather is sucking the moisture out of me. I have no more eye fluid and I always feel parched. Last night we were driving home and I noticed a black guy with a blue jacket with white sleeves on the sidewalk, turn the block and two more with the same jacket are walking down the street. I find out the "Crips" have a presence in the area and everyone stays in at night to prevent coming across a crip like they were zombies wandering the streets and we all need to find shelter in an old cellar til the sun come up. we also have a creepy attic with multiple compartments. I've never lived in a place with stairs and it already feels my knees exploded. Months from now I see myself stopping eating because I don't want to go down those stairs again to get to the kitchen.

During our move I've been going back and fourth e-mailing Russ's sister Sandra. Russ only decides to tell his sinister mom he's moving to a different county on the very same day he moves. This prompted an ugly e-mail from Russ's sister on how selfish he is with abandoning 'mom.' This is an example of our e-mails to each other that ran on for 3 days:

Sandra: "... I don't respect you because my brother has knocked himself out to cater to you and make you happy while you contribute nothing except enable him to remain in the pit called alchoholism. You talk about my mom, you, who guzzles vodka like it's water. You sit and judge all of us and you're nothing but a self righteous, sanctimonious hypocrite. I am sorry that my brother loves you, he will never ever get out his life together while he's with you. Stop blaming my mom. You aren't fit to talk about my brother Steve (Russ's dead brother), and I guarantee you he would kick YOUR ass if he was alive to see this pathetic situation. I am only sorry I can't take Russ away from you, you evil demented demon."

Me: "I knew you had more little toads in you waiting to come out when pushed juuuust a little bit more, lol. Let me guess, another little tid bit from your half crocked mom of yours who now lives in a half reality if she lived in reality at all. You don't respect yourself Sandy, You have nothing to respond back with to everything I've said, so you go back to this tired bit of crying; "My brother can't stop drinking because of you, boo hoo," try something new Sandy, it really IS tired. Stop NOT blaming your mom Sandy. And you have a lot of nerve bringing up Steve when I was the last one to see him on his death bed while you were strung out somewhere, a meth den? Look around at the Angels you think protect you Sandy, and you'll REALLY see what demons look like... "


  1. This was deep and sad.

    I didn't know you had a drinking problem.

    I thought you were just being colorful when you wrote.

  2. I want you to know that what I write on this blog is true when I'm not being sarcastic, I just try to spin it to where it's 'colorful.' Russ comes from a family of alcoholics and no power I have can stop him if he wants to take a drink, his family needs someone to blame.

  3. Still, 50 ft rock waterfalls are pretty Sweet.

    And crips may Seem hardcore but Theyre all six pack queers from What I hear.

  4. It's 50 foot ACROSS, it's only like 3 feet high, NOW I'll buy a camera so I can download pics because I'll actually have interesting to take pictures of. It hasn't been used in years and it's going to take some work to get it running again.

    Alas, hunky black men are lost on me. I alway go running late at night (doing it since high school), so if I stop posting here, it's because they found my sodomized body in a cactus field when some bored Crips decided to use me for sport one night.


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