19 August 2012

Twinkle Toes

My second and third two are longer than my big toe. Romanians think a longer second toe makes me prone to be a werewolf. To the Greeks it meant royalty (all greek statues have the second toe longer, so does the Statue of Liberty). I'm sticking my toes in toe sucking fetish porn because my toes look like they have hardons, my toes are bigger than his dick. Russ started cracking my toes (did you know you could crack your elbows like nuckles?) when I showed him the video below and now I'm hooked even though my toes look flatter and longer now. I plan on walking barefoot in mud so my warped toe footprints will catch the interest of urban explorers and cryptozoologists.


  1. I knew I was of noble werewolf bloodline. Now if I could only crack my elbows...

  2. I think feet are gross.

    Please take a picture of your toes and post it on here.

  3. My toes look like they should hanging off a shrimp cocktail glass, I don't even think they're kosher.


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