25 May 2012

Morbidly O' Beast

Within the last 7 days I've gotten 32 e-mails from the gay foodies meet-up group saying I should eat grub with them. It's like a consumption cult who can't take a hint. Russ wonders what kind of warning we'll get from them when our 3 month 'probation' is up. I told him they'll send us a cold T.V. Dinner in the mail with a short note saying "This must be what you're used to you tasteless trash, enjoy!"
I think that revolving lemon slice below is utterly amazing, I can't stop thinking about it.


  1. I can barely afford to eat at subway.
    I could never afford to be a highly critical foodie with a discerning palate and access to an email database.

  2. You're in luck on rainy days:


  3. It's like you want me to be fat or something


I eat your comments with jam and butter.