14 April 2012


So I see Sidney at the Tallyrand again (Russ and I sometimes stop there in the middle of our busy afternoon to down a cocktail or two before we pick up the tots (Trini and Baby Bin) from baby modeling school). She gives me this funny attitude like she's wants to avoid me without coming out and saying it. I'm guessing the contents of my blog disturbed her even after I warned her my blog was crude, sarcastic and irreverent. I'm really annoyed because I had the decency to comment on her blog and here she's acting like I had leeches dangling down from the ceilings of mine. No class lady.

There were 2 gay serial killer who were never caught; "The Black Doodler" (killed 14) and "The Rainbow Maniac" (killed 13). When the Doodler was doing his dastardly deeds, the Zodiac killer was putting on his own show in the same area (even gay serial killers are brushed aside for straight ones).

Other interesting serial killers:

"The Giggling Granny" (killed 11)
Ray (age 75) and Faye (age 69) Copeland (killed 5 strapping young men)
Ronald Dominique: Raped 23 men (killed 23)
"Lainz Angels of Death" Four female nurses working at the same Hospital (killed 49, possibly over 200)


  1. I don't know if that is a real list, and I am too lazy to google it for iron clad fact checking, but I really hope it is.

  2. All true you lazy ass. I left out "The Big Eared Midget" (killed 4 children, tried to kill 7 more)

  3. Seriously? With this background and such?

  4. Replies
    1. I'm wondering if "The Giggling Granny" laughed giddily as she handed out poisened butterscotch candies or if she merely stangled her victims with a head scarf on her way to bingo...

  5. I'm going with the teapot to the head or a homemade spear she named "Gammie's Lil' Helper."


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