16 April 2012


A while back ago I played hooky from my blog to play at the "Sarcasm Society" forum. When I first posted those Brits went after me with a fury feeling they were cut from the same cloth as fellow Brit Oscar Wilde and who was I to troll on their hollowed ground (Wilde also sucked cock, so you tell me who he had more in common with?). They'd poke at my homosexuality (every post of mine was a "gay pride" parade to them) and I'd retort with how bad they spoke the Kings English with flowery words that were pretentious and laughable when they weren't chasing each other around to Benny Hill music. One thing didn't need to be said though, saying sorry for talking in a dripping way that would have got us kicked out of any other forum on the net faster than a English woman's good tooth. One day all this spam started to pop up and it just got worse over the weeks to the point to whoever was running the site said he was going to chuck the forum feature and just have the blog for people to comment on, that he did. I miss those "Penelopes" and "Nigels" and like a bad relative they understand who fled to the states because of the charge of buggary, I know they'll miss me too.

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