29 April 2012

Kimberly Fry can't come to the phone

I got an e-mail saying we got accepted by the foodies, like they're bestowing on us a great honor me by letting me eat dry crab cakes with them. one part of it reads:

"New members need to sign up and show up for at least ONE event within their 1st three months of joining the group. You do not need to sign up for every event, but we strongly encourage member participation. This is not a group for Lurkers who live vicariously through what other people do."

How do you live vicariously through someone eating chicken and waffles at "Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles" on a muggy afternoon?
"Russ! Soong Leong spit out part of her elk carpaccio, look at the picture on their forum with the fat magnifying glass! It's true!" It's just now I'm remembering my last experience with foodies:
Scroll down to; "Don't let the door hit your ass."


  1. Well, um, congratulations!

  2. More like; "Best of luck and I pray the cops don't get involved."

  3. Hey, I was going to write again!


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