07 March 2012

Thin Mints with Bacon

"The Boy Scouts believes that to be gay is somehow immoral. That is not our feeling.”
-Girl Scouts Of America

"Anonymous" is a new movie from Sony Pictures that states the case that Edward De Vere was the author of Shakespeare's plays when everyone knows, and believed in the whole of the 19th Century, that Sir Frances Bacon was the real author. Know why they won't say it was Bacon? Because Bacon was a fag as the day is longish and thickish.

Too cool for fuckn' words.


  1. I'm mystified as to why the boy scout organization hates gays but loves assholes (it's filled with them trust me)

  2. It's all a part of their plan to build the perfect secret militant gay army.

    You know us fags love our dramatic revelations.

    *pulls curtain back and makes jazz hands*


    The worlds first fashionably forward fully erogenous gay army!

  3. Trixie,

    The Mormon Church is a power entity in the Boy Scouts, has been for years. What the Mormons do, the Scouts are sure to follow. The ironic thing is the founder of the Boy Scouts Lord Baden-Powell, was a rumored "boy-lover."


    I christen you "General of the Nellielous."
    I plan on being the "Head" Physician of the Naval Corps myself, it's not as prestigious, but I find it very fullfilling.

  4. I humbly accept this most gracious and honor filled position.

  5. Why does HE get an honor filled position? I'm always overlooked. Sigh

    I know! I know because at a cub scout meeting I got ripped into about caffeine and lying. Because they held a meeting at the LDS church and my friend was all pouty because you can't have caffeine and I just insinuated that she just not tell anyone and someone overheard me and apparently it's not okay to lie about caffeine as a member in the church but it's okay to be a giant piece of shit fat ass red faced asshole and scream at a "lady"

  6. That last sentence doesn't make a whole lot of sense because I got all worked up but I'm sure you can figure out what I meant :D

  7. I only gave him a title because I'm afraid he might throw a chandelier at me (have you been to his blog lately?)

    The Mormons are a nasty bunch and creepy to boot (I grew up in a city with a large Mormon presence and went to school with a whole horde of them). If you check out alternative news resources, you'll hear over and over how the Church is covering up child molestations that they've managed to keep from the public that could give the molestations of the Catholic Church a run for their money.

    You'll be "Ministress of Propaganda." You'll make sure we have the propa attire before we go into battle (no cut-off jeans up to the crotch or fur sleeve flairs).

    1. Agreed.
      And only moderate use of glitter, sequins, and or sewn on hand beaded crystals.

  8. Sequins or no sequins, isn't that how the Hatfield and McCoy feud started that divided the Yankees from the Heathers? (I try to learn a little bit of history everyday)


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