24 February 2012

Vinny "Two Necks"

Remember I teased beanhead who's reviews are just a re-stating of the product description (in the comments section of my last post)? Well he contacted hunch and they took out my review like it was a Kennedy. I've now answered 449 questions on hunch's 'Questionare.' They now know more about me than I know about myself, I'm convinced hunch is a front for Scientologists or a doomsday cult wanting to absorb my soul. Some smart asses are over there because they say things like this:

"(Don't) engage in personal attacks, or long-winded and tedious rants. If you want to bore someone, book a long distance flight and talk to your seatmate."

Excuse me bitchy?
So beanhead did a review of this by saying this: "Vilebrequin always has fun and playful suits in good classic cuts." This was my review: "Oh Lordy! Who's looking at the granny drape suit? I want to put some asiago on Brent (he looks like a Brent) and toss his insalata de culatello."

I think unthink locked me out and ran off with my pearls because I can't seem to get on the site anymore and tribe.net is a ghost town.

As for this blog, does anyone read it anymore?


  1. I do but perhaps you were reffering to cool people

  2. If you get my blog, you're way ahead of the curb. I think the rest of my followers died in a mass skydiving stunt gone wrong, or else they're to busy pickling pickles for pickle season.

  3. Excellent, now I get all of the attention

  4. It's strange. Somehow all the parachute cords were cut. I'm sure glad I took out life insurance policies on everyone. Crete her I come!!!...I mean BOOHOO BOOHOO.


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