13 February 2012

Sucker Punch

I told you one of he sites I've been waisting my time on is hunch.com. When you aren't sitting around all day answering questions ("Do you burp it or does it burp you?" "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if woodchucks were real?") you have to write reviews of products like your life depended on it. If your a good little drone and and give as many reviews to as many products as you can, they reward you with being an "influencer" and they won't cut off another finger. What was a waste of time has turned into deep sobs and pressure to put out like a was a pre-teen girl with a slutty reputation. I think hunch is just a front for companies that don't want to pay for marketing research groups, so they let hunch do the work by snagging suckers like me by making it it sound like they are doing ME the favor by reviewing all these products. Where is all my data input going to and why do you want to know if I would like morels if I knew what a morel was? They even tell you who to follow so I have fellow sufferers to experience this marketing gimmick Hell with (my only follower is a Japanese girl (big surprise) who's chained to the same radiator I'm chained to. I swore on my son's eyes I'd help her escape so she can live for the both of us). Hunch monitors the letters I send out and I think they have listening devices in the rolls of toilet paper.
My tribe.net stalker wrote;"Why didn't you accept my chat in your gmail? What's wrong with you?" I wish I had a couch to hide behind. Maybe I should tell hunch and they can have "a little talk with her" like hunch is my pimp and she's fucking up business.

My hunch pimp mama Queen Chedda "Bits" Jackson.

I get a TOS violation (meaning of an exclamation mark in a black square) because I lift a Facebook pic of a black woman who calls herself a "pimp" and I'M the one who's the asshole?


  1. Sounds like the time I was being "paid" to be a secret shopper and never got reimbursed for all the pajama jeans I bought purely for scientific reasons.

  2. I'm sorry, I made a tremendous mistake. My time at one of the most innovative sites to launch called hunch.com has been nothing but a wonderful and exciting experience. Please take the time to join this site and you to can share in the wonder and God-like shine called hunch.com.

    My Best To You,


    *Legal Clause* I say this of my own volition. I was in no way threatened or intimidated to write the above proclamation.


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