09 February 2012

Hunch.com sent me this e-mail:

Oh, no! Someone has replaced you on the Hunch Men's Fashion influencer list. But don't lose hope; you're still near the top.Remember, influencers are determined every few days. If you just go back to Hunch and make a few good Men's Fashion recommendations, you can reclaim your influencer status in no time. Get back in the saddle, and best of luck!

The Hunch Team

It's like they're telling me I better get my shit together. You mean all the conniving and power grabs I did was for nothing? I said to myself; "You better hang it up deary! Dear God, why did you let me cook that whole game hen when I should have been critiquing charcoal salt for hunch? I need to review suede wing tips stat!"

Everyone one on unthink comes from Greece and I have a stalker from Canada on tribe.net.
I was kidding, but the Karen Valentine thing is sounding better and better.

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  1. That picture . . . must impregnate underage unwed skunts . . .


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