22 February 2012

Beth Rudder is born

This was my review for "pasta shells in tomatoe sauce" for hunch.com:

Tomatoes are a living Hell, they're like watered-down ketchup packets in a red membrane.

I wonder how many of these screwy reviews they'll let me post before I'm cut off.

I'm so sick of people on these sites, boring, repeating the obvious, nice and phony like extra sticky syrup, this is just getting to much. On unthink the only guy to respond to me says gay marriage is like bestiality and on another account I seem to be jealous (?) and un-happy with myself because I don't like when someone uses the term 'gay' to mean 'lame' ( I told the guy his mom is a 'sloppy wide cunt' so what was that in I shouldn't let names bother me? He then goes on 3 seperate tirades saying my calling his mom a wide sloppy cunt didn't bother him).


  1. LOL! Ah, the internet

    And by the way what a disgusting but dead on description for tomatoes

  2. If I saw a tomato coming out of a Safeway, I'd walk across the street just to punch it's mushy juice out. I'm now reduced to insulting people on hunch. One beanhead's reviews are just a re-stating of the products description:

    Product description of a cool fish bowl:
    "A modern take on the basic fish bowl."

    Beanhead's real review of same fish bowl:
    "A modern take on the basic fish bowl!"

    This guy reviewed bubble gum paper weights and my review right after his said; "Ditto whatever the guy below me said. Stating the obvious is a wonder for him."


I eat your comments with jam and butter.