26 July 2011

Running in vicious circles

This was me on Yelp. I left because I kept on picking fights with posts like; "Hi, my name is Heather *giggle* Poon *giggle giggle* and I can't pull off the Betty Page look either." to people like her and I kept linking ALLBONER.COM on postings with titles like; "Where can I find good coleslaw on the Westside?" or on anything Danny would post.

L.A. Yelpers (each city has it's own Yelp forum) would eat you alive like a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle if you posted something they didn't like and your were crust if you were the chum of one of their feeding frenzies (I've seen people close their Yelp accounts hours of opening them after Yelpers were done picking the meat off their bones).

If you think my sarcasm on my blog is mean spirited, you don't know what mean spirited means unless you saw me on Yelp, unlike here, I was welcomed with open arms by people who could match my biting wit bite for riping bite. What happened is I turned turncoat by turning on the regulars because I'm no respecter of persons. My goodbye post was ugly, not from me, but from them, with a few fans wishing me one-line farewells (see if you can find it).

Yelp forum was an experience. I check out urbanspoon.com for reviews, just so I'm not reminded.

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