13 June 2011

Radio Cabo

Things you will NEVER hear on a Mexican radio station:


Spanish Eyes

Horchata who?

...that was Annie Lennox

Minutemen Bake-Off

Jalapenos...too spicy


  1. My son and I always listen to the mexican radio stations, they have hardly any commercials and zero static. And it's true, jalapenos are never too spicy

  2. I'M the one with the Mexican pedigree, but Russ the gringo eats chilis like he was born with one in his mouth.

  3. Me too, when I order spicy food the people that work at the restaurants always ask my friends (with the pedigree of whatever restaurant we are at) Are you sure the white girl can eat this? It's really hot. LOL

  4. Mexican radio stations! Reminds me of LA. Seriously, there's got to be more Mexican stations than English ones.

  5. Trixie,

    I one time went to a German deli in Van Nuys that had all old German women working the counter. I asked them for a sandwich with their strongest cheese and blood sausage, I could swear one turned to the other and said in German; "The lout doesn't know what he's ordering."


    Reading your blog, You're having Cali on the brain again aren't you?


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