27 June 2011

Mad Men

I'm at the 99 cent store for Mylar Birthday balloons, Anderson split pea soup and Catholic candles because they give the bedroom a hacienda type glow. In the isle is a girl and me. An old man comes up and just stands there, I'm thinking he's an old letch wanting to pick up on the young Chickie and I go back to trying to figure out what candles are less Catholic looking and more glow giving. After about 5 minutes he pipes up to the girl saying; "Do you know why I was standing here? It's because I was a former L.A. Cop and I noticed you left your bag in your cart and walked away so anyone could take it. That's all I wanted to say." It hits me he was suspicious of ME, like I was about to nab her bag and run out the store with her multiples of 99 cents leaving my soup and balloons behind. I'm furious. It got me thinking, why would he do that?

Two things I got from this.

One being the elderly should be put in these big cabinets and put away like mothballs and fur hats.

The other is because of his age, he must have been a cop in the 1950's, 60's. A time when you where suspicious until proven innocent. Cops where thugs more than they weren't and if you weren't white with a short haircut, you were a bogeyman, a smoke in a sealed room.
Los Angeles Cops had a hatred for Latinos and homosexuals that spanned decades. They fed the "Zoot Suit Riots" and their routine hassling of gays prompted the "Black Cat Riot" in Silverlake that pre-dated the "Stonewall Riot" by two years. The harassment was so bad with entrapment and nightly raids of gay bars, Los Angeles gays where the first in the country to take the Police to court and win (LAPD Chief of Detectives Thad F. Brown admitted the existence of a special "Homosexual Squad" to harass gays in 1951). They even turned an offender registry for mobsters into a tool to hunt gay men.

I have a better understanding of where that old man was coming from now, but some mindsets, like some old men, are better off dead.


  1. What an asshat. I'm sure he really enjoys hanging out at the 99cent store every day, "saving" girls.

  2. I work with this type of guy every day.
    They're dated, out of place, and out of time and they think the only way to stay relevant is to staunchly refuse to change with the times as though this is somehow noble instead of incredibly alienating to the people they come into contact with.

  3. I'm not sure if he thought I was a thieving punk because I look dark enough, male, or young enough to not get the Senior discount at I-Hop. Whatever it was, he said it loud enough to make me hear it. I've never had such a clear dig into me from a stranger before like that.
    this is me crying:
    this is me crying anvils:
    this is me crying M&M's:

  4. This is me laughing at you getting "dug into so deeply" in public.



  5. LOL all you want, people pay good money to see me thumped.


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