04 June 2011

Go Ranger

This eviction unpleasantness I realize is only affecting me, I'm sure the kind followers of my blog could care less and wonder when I'm going to post again, or should I say they're wondering; "God! Is he going to post AGAIN? That means he's going to come over to MY blog and pester me with half of what I don't understand he's saying. I liked it better when he wasn't here, I had more freedom and didn't feel like my bra was too tight when he was around...sometimes I could swear he made the room smoggy." My postings are going to be sporadic because I'm feeling burnout and I don't want to drive this blog into the deep end of a river wrapped in duct tape just yet.

some comments are funny


  1. Heyyyyyyy! Sporadic is good. Great picture.

  2. Aww, that's not true. I feel really bad about the whole eviction thing. It must really suck

    I do miss reading your posts

  3. I miss you and your premonitions of glitzy prostitute filled deaths for me.
    Hurry up and figure your life out so you can continue contemplating mine god damn it!!!

  4. WH,
    It's a matter of time restrictions, shaved ice on freeway off-ramps aren't going to sell themselves.

    I'll be around, like a bothersome Summer rash.

    The good news is my Runestone says your slow death will be delayed. The bad news is it will only be delayed by 3 minutes.

  5. YES!
    I only need a minute and a half to reach climax so that gives me a whole extra minute and a half to bathe in the warm after glow of masturbation!
    It's like I can feel the hand of god blessing me . . .

  6. ...and then the horrible slow torture all night...did I tell you it involves forcing bobby pins into your nose pores?


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