03 March 2011

Stardust Ballroom

I've come to the conclusion that we are bad neighbors. Call it a wild guess. You'd think Charlie Sheen was living with us and we do hits of whippets the way we act sometimes. I apologize to our dear dear neighbors for slamming of doors, screaming, breaking windows, breaking garage doors, sneers and the occasional morning dick parade in front of the windows and the such and the like.

Did you know that the Los Angeles Fire Department has 5 blogs going on at the same time. What are they saying on a daily bases?


We had a group meeting and decided Jit puts too much cumin in the chili for "Fire House Chili Friday." We understand Jit enjoys his cumin since he discovered cumin two months ago and since he was nice enough to cool it with loading it into the taco meat for "Tiller Taco Tuesday," we don't understand why Jit stormed off and told us to take turns sticking matches in each other's asses.


Our Dalmatian Rolo keeps on shitting on the chaise lounger.


Jit informed us he will continue to "put as much damn cumin as he wants." We don't understand Jit's stubbornness on this issue, he now also refuses to make us punch because he said we hurt his feelings and that we treat him like an "old whore." Brett suggest we order out for chili on Friday, but we don't want to hurt Jit's feelings and he's the only one who knows how to make punch.


Rolo bit a boy who was taking a tour of the station with his school field trip. The boy kept on screaming Rolo was a "Devil Dog" when it was chewing off his third left finger. We think the boy is a future pyromaniac.


Friday is now officially "Falafal Fire Hydrant Friday."


Give a big and warm welcome to our newest Dalmatian mascot "3 Alarm Bobby!"


  1. What are their tweets like?

    Saved Mr. Fluffles the cat from a tree

    Saved Ragin' Cajin' the cat from a tree

    Jit went shopping for cumin at Costco


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