05 March 2011

pickle juice

Today was my Birthday and Russ took me to Hamburger Hamlet for my favorite meal of French Onion Soup and their fresh fruit shake that's all sherbety. I could have chosen anywhere I wanted, but I had a hankering for HH. My niece, my mom, Russ, and Russ's mom went on Russ's dime (Donna my sister stayed home because I think she had a premonition of what was to come). Russ had a snit because his mom ate all my birthday cake slice the waiter brought, stormed out because he thought my mom was snubbing him, my mom acted like her arm was broken in two places and Russ's mom said; "What Birthday Boy? When Russ told his mom; "Why don't you let the Birthday Boy have the first bite?" It was a lunch of fruit shakes, darting glances, silence and the occasional; "I'll wait in the car!" From the various parties. This Birthday really took the cake...that Carole ate. All I needed was gifts of cat pollen and a ventriloquism act.


  1. Oh no, family, they mean well but somehow things just don't go the way they should.

    Maybe she ate YOUR birthday cake because she was saving you the calories? No, of course not.

    I remember Hamburger Hamlet, with the belly dancing, right? Delicious.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have a great year, and may it be better than what today would indicate!

  2. If they had belly dancers, I was in the wrong room. Thanks sweetheart.

  3. I brushed my dog today. Got all kinds of fur. Can put a bow and send it on to complete your day

    Happy birthday!!!!

    Sorry people are sometimes really really stupid

  4. I had a good day today... it seems I might have taken yours accidentally!! Sorry :(

    Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a good year!

  5. Trixie,

    It's only cats I'm allergic too, I'm also allergic to fresh tomatoes (they give me a fat lip like I was punched) and after eating pineapple cores I feel I have strep throat.
    Thanks baby cakes.


    This year has started off like crap with sports injuries and relationship issues, I feel like I'm treading through thick mud just to move.
    Thanks cutie.

  6. Does getting beat up while black out drunk qualify as a "sports injury"?
    I'm sorry I couldn't be there to add some much needed and distracting sexual tension between me and Russ's mom. I'm sure she would have been all over this fruity booty. I suggest you make up a new birthday and keep it to yourself and then celebrate alone every year like I do.

  7. Yes.

    Marry her and get her away from Russ please, we can talk about killing her for her $900.000 life insurance and rubies later (you can keep her fashionable slacks).

    Now if you had told me she owned one very alluring glitter vest I would have considered the proposal but fashionable slacks are mighty tempting.

  9. Why do I get the feeling When I think we've killed her she'll come out of the shadows, you'll turn the gun on me and say; "See sweety, Carole your dear beloved mother-in-law IS dead, as far is the law is concerned at least. The body in the burned out car in the Mojave was a pretty lady who we found at a bus stop, and wouldn't you know it, she and Carole looked like they could have been sister. You'll take the fall for her "murder" and we'll be scott free, you were duped baby."

    *It'll end when you turn the gun on Carole, kill her so you can have ALL dough and rubies and freshly pressed slacks, and you in turn will be shot by the handsome cop who was tailing us because he fell in love with me when I first stepped into the Police station. I'll make sure to shoot you in the face to make sure you're dead.


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