27 February 2011


Now that I know how to make Mexican Shrimp Cocktails, I can't stop making the things.

Chef Bobby Flay has a show called "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" where he sets up these people into thinking their time honored recipes are going to be the topic of the show and then surprises them with telling them he can beat them with coming up with the same dish, but his is better. Is it me or is that insulting as Hell? I'm waiting for a contestant to say to Bobby; "That meatloaf recipe was the only thing my inverted footed grandmother handed down to me before her retinas exploded, so your telling me you want to humiliate me with beating me on national television with the only dish I know how to make on top of making my grandma look like she was such a lousy cook that even you can beat her recipe handed down to her from her beloved papa who blew his brains out? Is that what you're telling me Bobby? Why don't I do this you ginger mother fucker, I'll draw you a map of where my grandmother is buried and you can go pour pan grease on her grave and you can tell her yourself she's a shitty cook compared to you.

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