13 January 2011

you're getting sleeeeepy

Did you know "napping" is a blog profile interest of 40,800 people? There is money to be made here, I just don't know how to channel that into a money making scheme.

Too late


  1. Phew! I thought i was the only one who did that!I do feel less creepy now, thanks!

    I want to pull his armpit hair.

    Hmmm..to make money from this in a way that hasn't already been done..?? Well, there are a lot of fetishes out there.I'm certain there exists a group of people out there who ENJOY, and will pay for somebody to wake them from their slumbers in such a manner.You could charge an hourly rate, and since they will be asleep, you can reset their clocks, and pretend you had been there for hours,so as to do a proper job.
    No need to thank me- i know i'm a genius!

  2. They've got a blog for everything. No, they've got a fetish for everything! Wait, I can relate to this. Sleeping boys can be sexy, if the boy's sexy.

  3. I'll tell you two a secret. I have a thing for feeling up a guy sleeping.


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