07 January 2011

Tea Realing

84 people had something to say about Marco Polo tea.

I'm going to start padding my blog with "Tibetan Flowers" and hope it has a catnip-type of effect on my followers so they post more instead of sitting in a corner waiting for me to have a meltdown. Bet you half of those people own garden gloves, use the word "Perky" in describing an afternoon, and serve as escorts outside of abortion clinics.


  1. Maybe you should just make all your posts bilingual. Class it up baby

  2. I'm looking for a blog potpourri. I want to class up my blog, but I can't do it from my end.


  3. By the way, what do the last 42 people to comment on Marco Polo tea had so much more to add that the first 42 people didn't already say?

  4. The fact that the post was about TEA which let's be honest tastes like hot dirty water no matter what "flavor" they claim it is guarantees I didn't read any of the comments. Unless they were writing Tea tastes like hot dirty water, then I don't care what they think.

  5. While I am an escort outside of abortion clinics its not the walk you to your car kind.
    Its the pay me to sex you in your back seat because you need a lil physical consolment now that you've had your insides scrapped out kind.
    And the really good news is that I don't even have to wear a con-dam since its not like these women are gonna get pregnant again.

  6. Right. Now go sex up some abortion getters.


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