11 January 2011

Solen Fon

I've passed the 60's mark with followers. It took forever and was like pulling teeth to get there, with the eking and the pulling and the yanking with promises of free ketchup packets to take at your leisure. But serious, I appreciate the interactions I've had with all of you. You're an assorted bunch, ornery, brilliant (Brit type brilliant, not American type brilliant), funny without realizing it, and you've said things that stick with me when I wake up in the morning from the night before, I've even developed little crushes on some of you. I'd like to take each one of you out for cheap street food and just shoot the shit with you, maybe that'll happen.


  1. Congrats, love. Every time I get a comment from you, it's all unicorns and butterflies. For reals.

  2. I've been stuck with 68 people following my blog for months, it's like I was stuck in mud. 70 followers is a big deal for me considering I'm such a dick.

  3. I know you secretly meant me when you were writing about street food.
    I'm in LA all the time and if ever given half a chance I'd eat street food with you.
    By which I assume you mean stuff other people have already thrown away but neglected to eat.
    Given a whole chance I'd probably just make some lame rejected sexual pass at you and the pagan cow heads ghost.

  4. I meant the all-nite taco truck that's parked across the TARGET in North Hollywood you ninny. We can get some bootleg DVD's they sell on the street while munching down tacos de cabeza and you can bitch to me how the world is trying to destroy you because you're such a delicate flower.

    I don't think the pass will work to well with Russ around, but cow head orb is always looking to get his wick dipped.

  5. My real goal was the pagan cow heads ghost.
    You'd be the mediocre wing man I'd settle for if my first choice of grade A ectoplasm turned me down.
    I can't even begin to imagine what Russ looks like but for some reason I have this idea that he's a red head who never leaves the house without a kilt on.

  6. He's grade D on a good day. I'm calling Ghost Adventures to get him out of my house because I'm sick of him telling people I believe in Kappas and have Communist leanings.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.