19 January 2011

slip her a vickey

A woman wrote a post saying only; "I Overwhelm Myself." How do you overwhelm yourself? How do you get so full of yourself that you have to fan yourself like a black woman in a Southern Church or grab a piece of the wall just to stable yourself because of your inner shine? I commented with; "Sometimes I overwhelm myself so much I have to sit myself down and tell myself to knock it off and then when I'm not looking I tell the neighbors I live in a pigsty because I'm that kind of friend that would stab myself in the back." I go back later and she deletes the entire post, She's also a pushy broad with post titles like "Fuck You if you use lard to cook." What a wag bag.

now enjoy some strippers.


  1. ..now enjoy some strippers.

    That's my new favorite thing to say. I'll say it at the end of all conversations instead of "goodbye."

    I like the stripper who's got suspenders on his whitey tighties.

  2. Every time I come to your blog I end up thinking about naked men

  3. How can you not like a man? The way he moves, how the muscles in this back taper off into shallow grooves around the abs running into his hips (Apollos Belt), the cockiness he shows around other men, how he dominates in situations, the square of his jaw, the all over hardness, the deep of his voice, how deep he get's inside.

  4. I swear the testosterone musk of a man makes my thoughts confused and I'm barely in the moment.


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