20 January 2011

moi thai

I think drollgirl is mad at me because I posted a comment that might take away from the warmth she was feeling for her other followers. I've posted some real doozy comments over there and this is the first time she's never responded to me. That happened to Gabby when I said the reason she keeps her passport next to her bed is because she's afraid they'd go after her for her phony seance scam. Please don't be mad at me, please, please, please. Want some more youtube strippers??? I'm seriously sorry, pleeeeeeeeeeease. He doesn't get mad at me and I've been putting this pretty girl through thorn beds since I've had my vox blog and she's still loves me. This is killin' me!


  1. Who's mad at you? Let me throw some strippers at them!

  2. You're always in my corner, let's elope tonite and you can have sex with other men instead of me.

  3. I've recently learned how to necromance.
    Just say the word and I will totally resurrect the pagan cow head.
    Once we do this we can throw it at drollgirl if she doesn't forgive you.
    Or we can use him to spy on her in the bathroom and post the photos online.
    Also this is really just my way of getting your approval to have sex with the resurrected corpse of the pagan cow head.
    It's a fixation or something.

  4. Ah, I see.
    So she's a cat lady huh?
    Well I've certainly never met a woman who liked cats before.
    Almost as original as me being sarcastic and not caring for most things.

  5. The last two cow head entries were just for you. You're the only one I think got a kick out of the cow head postings. I'm a really nice guy...can you fool people into believing that?

  6. No.
    But I could necromance a few people and then pay them to tell other people you are the bee's knees.
    Or just pay people who are already alive to say this.
    But to be fair I'd probably just wast most of the time coming up with other pejoratives that sounded like they were nice things about you until people really stopped to think about them.
    But to be fair she IS grieving the loss of a cat.
    It could take years to come out of that kind of grief.

  7. I hate alot of comments on postings like this, it makes people want to read them thinking I'm being told to go fuck myself. Russ loves me so rasberries to you bucko.

  8. I just like when you mention me.

  9. honey how could i be mad at you? i am just having a tough time keeping up with blogging and comments lately! sorry!

  10. Gabby,

    I would mention you more, but you look like you're hiding under a sofa cushion when I go on your blog.


    Sometimes I see your followers just repeating what the other said above her and I try to make you smile to take away from the droning that goes on and on, know there is love there.

  11. By the way Gabby, the FBI asked me a few questions about you. I told them you really can talk to the dead and that even though your crystal ball is a bowl of water for a cat, they can still get through. Have you updated your passport? I think they're closing in.


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