13 January 2011


"Another frequent interpretation, staunchly denied by Albee, has been that George and Martha are a homosexual male couple, thinly veiled as an unnecessarily cruel and heterophobic portrayal of traditional marriage. Critics point to the imaginary child and to the dominant/submissive power play of their relationship. The bitchy dialog, pregnant with references to camp films, actresses, and classic lines of dialog, and the apparent underlying self-loathing of both individuals, have been read as typical of male homosexuals. (The dynamics were made explicit in another successful stage play (1968) and film (1970) of the era, Matt Crowley’s The Boys in the Band.) While not necessarily about gay men, the film demonstrates common ground where spousal relationships of every sexual orientation may converge, and how academic life can be a cruel imitation of Real Life."

(from: culturevulture.net)

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