16 January 2011

Blog Dessert

I want a dessert to represent the contents of my blog. I already have a signature drink, so why not a dessert? It has a slow burn bite, but it's not too sweet like yours truly. It's original because I'm brilliant like that.

Long Pepper Ice Cream with Mexican Chili Chocolate Sauce, Candied Pepitas and Black Lava Salt

Candied Pepitas:

Sauté pumpkin seeds in butter with cayenne, and a little honey. Let cool.

Molokai Black Lava Salt

Long Pepper Ice Cream:

2 cup organic heavy cream
2 cup half & half
½ vanilla bean split
½ teaspoon ground
long pepper
9 each organic egg yolk
¾ cup organic cane sugar

Combine cream, half & half and vanilla bean. Bring to simmer and let steep 15 min.

Mix egg yolk and sugar, temper together with cream mixture.

Return to heat and cook stirring frequently until nape.

Strain into a bowl set in ice, cool and freeze in ice cream maker.

Chili Chocolate Sauce:

1 cup chopped Don Gustavo brand chocolate discs.
¾ cup heavy cream
½ teaspoon pure Mexican vanilla extract
½ teaspoon pure ancho chili powder

Bring the heavy cream to a simmer in a pan to make the sauce and add the chili powder.

Add the vanilla extract and chocolate pieces and remove from the heat.

Let the sauce stand for a minute, then whisk it.

Pour the warm sauce over the ice cream and top with candied pepitas and a few granules of Black Lava Salt .


  1. I want one. So what's your signature drink again? Please tell me it's not a bottle of vodka!

  2. It's on the side of my blog under "Valley of the Linksors."


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