05 December 2010

Out of my league

I tried watching "The League" and they have a character named Taco. The next thing I'm hearing myself say is; "Oh Taco," "Taco, it doesn't go like that," "You're a crazy MOFO Taco." Here I'm patronizing a T.V. character because his name is Taco. If they bring on a character named "Pastrami Pete," I'll lose it.

Another show I tried watching was "Black Gold." I can't even concentrate with what's going on when "Cheston" comes on screen because the guy is so Fuck'n heart-soap-bubbles-popping-out-of-my-head dreamy. Spits, sweat, tribe tattoos, grime, two of the guys picking up trash on the side of the road is a wet dream. Check out episode clips that have names like; "Ben Lays It Down," "Hooking The Worm," "Hugging The Pipe," "Brandon Blows It," I think one episode penetrated me without lube.


  1. this show has clearly been made by a bunch of gays with nothing better to do.
    just the way real television should be.

  2. Because we run the media, or is that the Jews? I get the two mixed up.


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