26 December 2010

Followers a Go Go

Before the New Year I'd like to give a formal farewell to my two straight followers who have stopped following my blog and gone off and fled into the woods where they'll be eaten my wildebeests or La Llorona.

I think Alan might have given up the ghost, really, a Greek neighbor talked him off his apartment window ledge while he was writing on his blog and I was giving him suicide-help numbers saying it wasn't worth it (suicide, not life). I'd post my "I wonder if he's being a dick or that's just the way he is?" type of comments and he would take it all in stride like he took his mortality.

I'll miss you Alan, I hope you're having snowcones with Jesus and not hot coco toasting marshmallows with Satan. Like the scarecrow, I'll miss you the most.

The other guy I think thought I was straight (it takes awhile sometimes to know I gravitate towards peni on my blog) and with post titles of his like "I shit myself" and "I shit myself, again," he thought MY posting were just TOO much.

Unlike Alan, I'll miss you like Toto who I try to run over with my car (the fuckr' had over 200 followers because he had a bit part in a movie with David Hasselhoff as a kid, David Hasselhoffs' acting makes Kenny Rogers' acting look like Marlo Brandos' acting).


  1. The scarecrow?
    I always assumed we gays were supposed tomiss the tin man the most since he probably had an indelible stiffy.

  2. I still have two straight guys left over, a smart-ass named Joey and a handsome Brit. I think I'll flash my tits to keep them.


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