14 November 2010

Puppy Chow

About a month ago some guy broke down in his car in front of where we live. Russ called AAA and had him towed because he felt sorry for him, cut to yesterday when the guy shows up at our front door with 2 puppies. One we gave away to a high maintenance shrill (Russ's mom) and the other one we kept and called him "Sobaca ('dog' in Russian) Lightning," it's half lab, all black with what looks like a white lightning streak going down it's chest. I plan on feeding it human femure bones and scorn so it can rise up and destroys what I hate when it's not peeing on our white felt couch.


  1. LOL! Wait was bringing you two dogs supposed to be a thank you? That's a high maintenance gift! which reminds me, I'm "borrowing" the term high maintenance shrill although lately it only seems to apply to me

    And LOL "when he's not peeing on our white felt couch" :D Dogs are awesome. He's just making it his in his special way

    He sounds super cute

  2. It's only now sinking in that we've taken on a responsability of taking care of something for 11 somewhat years if we keep her, emotion, money, time, I don't know...

    Carole was a mother from Hell. She lived with us for 3 years after her husband died because she insisted she didn't want to be alone. Soon her whole world focused on Russ, getting drunk, and feeding her prescription pill addiction. She would give Russ guilt complexes if she wasn't included in everything Russ and I did, not just things like going to the store, but also like if Russ and I went out for a romatic evening. One time she called Russ at a friends house because she wanted him to come home and give her attention. She accused me of being jealous of her and I accused her of replacing her dead husband with her son. Fights were a weekly event between all 3 of us and Russ was turning into a basket case. She would call me the most vile names to get under my skin including attacking my own family and finaly it culminated one night that involed me moving out that same night and both of them getting evicted.

    ...sorry for the rant, Carole is still a sore spot with me.

  3. Puppies blow.
    I recently fantasized about slowly choking the life out of the new chee ha ha my husband brought home because he thinks they're the perfect Peurto Rican accessorie. It barks all day when I have to sleep. I'm going to start feeding it water spiked with my melatonin supplements.

  4. We still have to deal with all the yapping and whining when we leave her sight even for a second. Want a puppy?

  5. Wow I see why she has the nickname she has

  6. We still have to deal with all the yapping and whining when we leave her sight even for a second. Want a mother-in-law?


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