16 November 2010

shittin' on carpet and me

Puppys really are a hot girl magnet, note to my straight guy followers (I think the last one stop following my blog about 2 weeks ago), I've gotten these really cute girls coming up to me and saying "Oh my God! He's sooooo cute, is it a boy or a girl? my name is Kate..." from everyplace from COSTCO to walking on the street in front of our house. Since I hold the thing in my arms when we go out, Russ gets a kick out of me telling these hot girls; "Yeah yeah, his name is Sobaka" and looking like I'm trying to find the soup Isle at the supermarket when I really want them to leave me alone. I see a hot girl coming at me and it's like "OH SHIT! Here we go again." I always wondered why straight men hate gay men, now I know.


  1. Yup. All the good ones are inaccessible somehow: gay,taken,famous,or fictional characters.Or all of the above. Sadface.
    How are you apart from the unwanted advances anyhoo? Sorry it's taken so long to come over here and say hello- i just don't visit bloggyland anymore.I've gone a bit mad, and have decided i want to learn how to make very short independant films, and perform really BAD "comedy" skits around melbourne.I'll probably change my mind in a month and decide i want to create cutting edge hairstyles for rich peoples poodles, or become a teapot enthusiast. Who knows? I hope life is treating you well, sir AB. Sending love from Aus ♥

  2. I missed you lady. I have abandonment issues so don't leave me again.
    One filmaker did a short where she had women menstrating over white paper, tell me it's nothing like that. The poodle thing will cut it in LA, but over there? I wouldn't bet money on it. Who doesn't like a good teapot.


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