18 October 2010

reply off

MORE blog comments you won't see on my blog taken from other real blogs.

~That really stinks that homework is such a negative experience for your son. It really ruins the learning process.

I think it's kind of funny that you mentioned China, because those kids are doing work ALL day and even go to school on Saturday. Growing up I read two hours a night in addition to my homework. In the summer I read two hours each day and did math workbooks. My mom is old school and is Chinese, born in Taiwan. Even though she worked the double shifts as waitress 6 days a week and the dinner shift on the 7th day, she always made sure that I was on top of my school work. And I knew for as long as I could remember that my job was school and that I needed to do my best so that I could get into college. Heck, I knew that I wanted to go to UC Davis ever since I was 8 years old. I personally think that my mother pushed me even harder because I was half black and she didn't wanted anyone [other Chinese] saying ANYTHING negative about her child. And the fact that we left Taiwan so that I could have the life that I would have never been able to have as a half black child in Taiwan. When I was in HS, she worked extra shifts so that I could have a tutor for chemistry and math.

My eldest is in the 4th grade. His homework consists of one or two worksheets and reading 30 minutes a day. The worksheets are supposed to be a review and something that should take less than 20 minutes and can be done on his own. In fact, ever since the 1st grade his teachers have stressed that homework is not supposed to be a battle, it's a review which should take 15 to 20 minutes without parental help. They use it as a tool to make sure the students are actually understanding what is being taught in class. As in, do they know the material on their own without coaxing?

My daughter who is kindergarten has about 10 minutes of homework consisting of writing a particular letter 6 times and then some activity like draw two things that rhyme with bus. And then I read to her for 15 minutes every night.

I personally believe that practicing math facts keeps you sharp and that reading is a wonderful thing. It triggers the imagination, expands the vocabulary, and invites critical thinking via discussion. Something the average student is lacking.

I also see homework as a means for parents to see for themselves where their child is academically so that they can give them assistance if necessary. I think 1-2 hours of homework each night for an elementary student is excessive. But 20 minutes of review/practice to see where their skills are and some reading, is not a big deal to me. My kids just get it done, then go outside to play until dinner time.

I do really hope that you will be able to come up with a solution for homework time with your son. I believe that aside from our love and acceptance, the power of being able to read and instilling a love/craving for learning are the two most precious gifts that we can give our children.

~Until later you shitty titties.

~Ponzu, eel sauce with sushi, The Alcapulco restaurant chain has a white wine dipping sauce I put over whatever I order (usualy crab enchiladas). The garlic sauce from Zankou Chicken. Thai Peanut sauce for beef satay. Indian food has alot of dipping sauces. Cheese fondue, apricot-balsamic sauce. The classics, Hollandaise and Bernaise. Vinegar or cream based sauces are always good, I HATE tomato based sauces, if tomatoes had eyes, I would poke them out with a stick.

~My mom's hands were also often clenched, as in the first photo.

~God Bless you.


  1. Erm, I think that if I were a "proper" mom I'd have many of those homework related comments on my blog. Instead I rant about assholes. Shrug



  2. I'd love you even if you put gin in your morning Tang to make "Happy Mommy Juice" and smacked your kid across your face for walking on your just waxed kitchen floors.

  3. What? I smack the face of ANYONE who walks across my freshly waxed kitchen floors.


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