17 June 2010

walk on by

Russ and I walked along the Malibu shore and a ladybug landed on my arm, I looked down and I saw other ones, dead, alive, they were everywhere. mass suicide? No. I picked a few up and some hot chic comes up to me with her two hot friends saying "what are you doing?" in this mocking tone like she just caught me fucking the dad she hates. I'm the deliverer of ladybugs you wig, whatta you think?

We have a Barneys Beanery in Burbank. Here's a little reminder of that fine establishment. YOU know, and I know that if a flagship restaurant had a "No Ni*gers Allowed" sign, It would have gone the way of Sambo's."

Little Black Sambos coffee shop


  1. Wait . . . so you're saying this Beanery you speak of has no "No Ni**ers!" sign??

  2. Their homophobia is very selective with only gays, you left out a G.


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