12 June 2010

Oy Ben


This is Ben. I had no clue he squeaked. He's somehow crooked and a balloon version of what I thought he was, like too much of a spice you taste in a paella you can't quite place, but you KNOW you don't like, he makes me want to bring back the word "Egads!" just for him. I also thought he was straight and I could have a little fun making him feel uncomfortable, but now I find out he'd jump on my form faster than, well, Ben on a dick. Such a disappointment.

I'm sticking with my bromance Todd X.


  1. Do you see? This is what happens when you let gay people pray.
    Never again Asshole, never again.

  2. Has the world been reduced to goopy nellies and screeching Connies? The sun WILL come out tomorrow, bet you're botton dollar Cogent Ascending, I HAVE to believe that to be swell in this rotten world, just have to.

  3. Ahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!

    Or actually kind of flattering, no?
    Funny for me to read about though :D

  4. I have nothing against Ben, he can vaya con Dios, and Dios can vaya with Bens' Betty Boop self.

  5. I suppose we could try a threesome. But if that facepaint gets on my sheets, there will be HELL to pay. :)


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