23 June 2010

Foamy Weather

I had a follower of my other blog who did freaky things with chemistry. She stopped blogging and I thought she became some kind of villain, pretty soap maker/brilliant chemist and heir to the "Imperial Soap Kompany" who turns evil after seeing her father killed by a dirty bum. She'll have a henchman named "Dishpan Hans" who's expertize will be metal spike throwing and her pet Saint Bernard she'll call "Lather Day Saint," this will be her secret lair. She'll create these giant soap robots to clean coral reefs ("because they look so dirty") off of the face of the Earth unless she's stopped.

Names of soaps I'd like to see:

"You smell like a Clean Whore"

"Thalidomide and Beer"


"Fallopian Spring"

"Just Lye"


  1. Just lye is perhaps my favorite next to fallopian spring.

    may i suggest "Exuberant Taint"?

  2. I can see the commercials now "Made for ass, but I like it too.".


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