13 June 2010


I keep on getting traffic (almost daily) from the sites 2centsdownunder and mayasagaypole. Now the owners of the blogs (Damien at 2cents and Gallus at maypole, respectively) are two cool cats who actually post and follow my blog openly. So that means the traffic I'm getting are people who sneak over to my blog from 2centsdownunder and mayasagaypole, read my shit, and creep off thinking I don't see them. Now visiting my blog once in awhile is O.K., knock yourself out, it IS a public blog after all, but these same people keep on coming over so often, they're here more than all of my open followers put together, It's just weird. It's the equivalent of someone taking my free candy, but don't want to talk to me while they're doing it. These are the kind of people who wait in bushes spying on old boyfriends and call old boyfriends late at night without saying anything while the boyfriend is saying "Hello?" "Hello?" "Hello?" "Who is this?!" I knew I was bound to attract creeps with a blog, I just had no clue it would be this many fags.


  1. Ah, yes. I have a sitemeter now too,but only the basic one that i don't have to pay for, because i'm cheap. It doesn't tell me who is visiting, but it lets me know how many people have been visiting.On high traffic days i feel like the Popular Kid at school. Yes, i am really that lame.
    Even though i don't know WHO is visiting, i often get loads of visitors, but not the comments to go with it, so in a way i feel your pain. I can get why people might check out a blog to see what's happening there, and wether or not they dig the content, but I don't understand why somebody would frequent a blog without ever commenting, or officially following.

  2. Mine is free too, but it gives me pay upgrade options. What's great is that my stat counter lets me look up IP addresses. I need to hire a bouncer for this place.

  3. Silent stalkers are the worst.
    I prefer the chatty ones.

  4. I want stalkers who send me baked goods, preferably without semen, poison, or blood.


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