14 May 2010

random pics

Real statue from Easter Island, what a mug.

Russ's sacred cow head with Bigfoot's Drivers license, we still don't know how he got it. This is an old pic, sad to say cow head broke on our move to Burbank. Russ broke him on purpose.

Our friend Rita who call Russ and I her "two strong boys." She's British and was a tart in her day. We took her to Cocos. I don't know why she looks like she's watching an act of beastiality.


  1. RIP cow head :(
    Bigfoot must be pissed now. But he could try borrowing King Kongs licence since they look so similar. Admittedly, King Kongs license would have to be strapped to the roof of bigfoots car- being slightly larger than the car itself. If he was stopped by the cops,bigfoot could say that the reason the he seems much smaller now days is because he has become old and hunched over, and also that the largeness of the license is an optical illusion caused by holding it too closely. "I'm massive!" says bigfoot. "but I'm actually 5 miles away!" But his plan is foiled when the cop hands back the license. "How did you get here so fast?" he asked. "You were most definitely speeding". And then bigfoot is screwed, unless he uses his wits and eats the cop then and there.
    Apologies for this entire comment. I'm delirious from lack of sex.

    The bestiality quip made me laugh. As did that last photo, because i can almost see too much, which i guess is why you posted it.

  2. Russ believes it brought us bad luck and didn't want it in our new place, personally I think he got sick of me making fun of the thing. I still have a few pics of cow head in my computer, so like genital herpes, he'll still pop up and make everyone miserable.


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