05 April 2010

Ginger Cookies

A repair guy is fixing our stove as I write, a stove as old as first-run "I Love Lucy" episodes. I can feel this bubba's (Ed's) eyes on my ass as I'm scrubbing my George Foreman Rotisserie. I'll start chowing down on a jumbo corn dog ($9.99 at Costco) and see what he does.


  1. Bubbas and corndogs. Hot.

  2. and That makes me want a corn dog real bad.

  3. $9.00 for a Corndog at Costco? What happened to wholesale?

  4. Gallus,

    That really threw you for a loop didn't it? ; p

    WannabeVirginia W,

    It's $9.99 for a pack of frozen 20 I think (like I'm going to check the freezer to find out), the hot dogs they sell outside are like $2.75

  5. I once had a corndog that was blueberry pancake batter wrapped around rolled breakfast ham and if that doesn't explain why I'll never eat anything else corndog related ever again nothing else can.

  6. That corndog sounds like it fell from Heaven. I had bacon dipped in chocolate, fried pickles, and a fried 3 Musketeers Bar when I went to the Pomona Fair last year...I'm just talking to talk, at this point you're suppose to say "Oh, that's nice."


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