29 March 2010


I come on and an award is stuck in my hand by the beautiful Magaly before I even had a chance to brush my teeth or wait until my morning wood goes down before I pee. I'll trade this award for Jack in the Box French Toast Sticks and a kiss on my shoulder.

Now 7 things about me:

I eat string cheese between two Kit Kat bars.

I believe in the Devil.

I eat macaroni salad with soy sauce (big in Hawaii).

I got into a bar fight a few weeks ago.

I melt butter on my pie.

My credit is shit.

My belly button is an innie.

I'm running out of things to say when I get these awards people. Next award I get I'll give my last known home addresses just to fill up space.


  1. I could go chocolate and cheese together, no problemo.
    Soy sauce on macaroni salad??? Hmmm...I haven't heard of that one, but then hawaii is a LONG way from australia....

    You got into a bar fight?!!!! I certainly hope you came out of that ok!

  2. I found out he was a regular there named JO JO, who the fuck calls themselves Jo Jo other than circus clown monkeys and hermaphrodites?


I eat your comments with jam and butter.