05 February 2010

Red Carpet Spunktacular

I never thought walking down the red carpet last night that I would recieve another award from my colleague Cogent Ascending (we have a love/hate relationship, he loves me and I hate him), with my Xanax and Tanqueray high I thought I was at the Peoples Choice Awards with Brittany Murphy and the sidewalks were made out of gravy. This time I only have to answer 7 questions thank God. I put this at the top of my other awards, because, just look at it.

A Rabbi left a blessing on my answering machine.

I was almost shipped off at an all-boys military acadamy in the East Coast so they could "Make a man out of me," not knowing that a pretty boy like me in an all boys military acadamy was going to be filled with late night sneaking away for boy on boy stickiness and Lacrosse players sending me love letters.

Jennifer Aniston complimented my tie clip(I worked at Warner Bros).

I think Bigfoot is real and living in the Pacific Northwest.

My favorite salad dressing is Roquefort mixed with Caesar with anchovies.

Did Marine Corps boot camp.

I'm leaving 7 open because I want one of my followers to say something about me, good or bad, I can take it.

I'm suppose to give this to 7 followers, so here:

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The Adventures and Misdeeds of an Insane Woman
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  1. Haaaaa You only like me because you know I like reading about sticky boy on boy action :P

  2. I love you because I know there is more under you if you scratch away the surface of how you present yourself on your blog. Now accept the damn award already!

  3. 7. i love reading your blog, especially when there is lots of boy on boy stickiness! and when i am sad!
    and because you live in california and i'm from there!

    1. I'm scared of my own (new) brown hair.

    2. My boyfriend wants to make cheesecake and watch No Impact Man on Valentine's Day. I will do anything if there is snuggling...

    3. I worry sometimes that I am one of those people who is never truly satisfied with anything.

    4. I used to have a very crazy time gallivanting about New York City, performing lewd sex acts in parks and such, but somehow became boring over time. Staying in with a textbook and 30 Rock sounds like a dream to me now... It makes me sad that some of my friends think this is only because I got a boyfriend - it's easier to get a boyfriend when you're NOT performing lewd sex acts in the park all the time!

    5. I really believe that the writers of 30 Rock based Tina Fey's character off of me, and simply changed my name so that the last name was less German.

    6. I relate more to 30something single women than to girls of my own age, and I claim to hate girls but really I love quite a few of them! We had girls' night last night, just three of us, and it was incredible.

    7. One of the reasons I want to be a psychologist when I "grow up" rather than what I used to want to be, an occupational therapist for children with autism, is that years of working with these kids has made me really tired. I still love it, but couldn't do it so patiently every single day.
    Also, I'd like to work with some crazies while getting to sit in a comfy chair with a notepad, too, to change up the things to be patient with!

  4. Hilarious and random! I like. I like the fact that I don't know what the actual questions are- it makes for a really cool read- especially like the bit about Jen Aniston complimenting yr tie clip :D

  5. Eliza,

    Can I be your first pateint? I suffer from déjà vécu and somnambulism.


    It was a cheapie Marvin The Martian lapel pin I used as a tie clip I bought at the Warner Bros. store for $1.10. Favorite thing I use for a tie clip is a tiny pin women use to pin up their nylons in the 20's with.

  6. Of course you can, dear. I'm 20, so... I should be licensed in 7 years.


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