26 February 2010

Honor and Fans

I won't be posting as much now as I did, no specific reason. That means I won't be visiting other blogs as much as I use to, but know the love is still there. See me as an occasional treat instead of a daily dose.


  1. dude. it is hard to keep up with posting and commenting every day. i think the occasional bloggers are smart. so you are in that group. :)

    hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. When you appear, I will think of you like the miraculous appearance of Jesus, Mary, or Elvis on my grilled cheese. Until then, though, I'll miss you.

  3. Like drollski said, it's hard trying to post every single day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    Hey, did you get my email about yr drawing? I finally finished it!

  4. That will work for me, as I don't check-in everyday as I used to (a long, long time ago).
    Now I might even be able to keep up!

  5. drolldoll,

    I didn't want burn out.


    and just when our bromance was getting off the ground I screwed it up didn't I? I understand if you want to bromance other guys, but remember who made you laugh, fed you a breakfast of latkes and hashish in Spain, and was there for you when you got kicked out of that biker gang.


    You finished Chows' pic?! I'm locked out of my Charter e-mail account because we stopped having Charter as our internet/phone carrier 3 years ago when we moved, it took them that long to wise up to us, if you sent it there, i'm assed out. Can you send it to Russ's work?


  6. Ah! No worries, I'll send it there asap!


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