28 February 2010




  1. I don't understand why ppl like cupcakes so much. It's one of those things that make me feel like I'm the weird one for not getting it. They're like eating a sponge made of sugar that's been topped with sugar goo. Maybe these manly cupcakes has a more intresting taste, at least they don't look seizure inducing, and it's Kahlua in them and that have to make them better.

  2. Does Russ's pagan cow head have a long lost brothen? And what are the odds for that he's in Sweden!!


  3. I'm not big on cupcakes either, or barebacking, or some of the stringy music I post here, but I know some of my followers are into it, so I post it.

    The link isn't working for me, but it's probably his brother Basmus. Basmus calls me "Tayhole" and once called Amnesty International on me because I wouldn't let cow head watch scary movies late at night.


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