20 January 2010

chump change

get a life junior, and stop knocking me on your blog without naming me you pit.


  1. OOOH i wanna know! who who who

    what they say????

    tell tell tell

  2. What's a going on ? (Said in best Rock of Love Bret whatshisface voice)

  3. This one slag who hits my blog everyday (thanks statcounter) has sideswipped me twice on their blog. The first time was this diatribe of ugly that can only come from a typical fag. The bite is that she's nice to my face when I post on her blog, phony phucker. I won't say who because she doesn't need the attention she craves.

  4. That's fucked up. Let me at 'er! Grrrrrrr.

  5. Animate Danger Dolly and let her loose with her blood lust on him, I want to see the fucker trying to hide his fat ass behind the couch.


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