20 January 2010


  1. i love this piece!

    and can you believe this rain?!?!? cripes!

  2. You're getting the rain, I'm getting the snow, but you know what? I'm totally into it too.

    I did see some nasty footage of mudslides in CA on the news this morning—it looks to me like you might want to stay away from those things.

    I just read your Benihana post—gave me quite a chuckle. Cafe Pasqual's here does the communal thing, I'm not into it either. But, it's been around forever—go figure.

  3. I'm mudslide-free because I'm in the middle of town in the middle of the San Fernando Valley.

    I think the Benihana thing bothers me so much is because I don't like people.

  4. I LOVE rainy days. I always feel creative when it's rainy. Storms make me hyper for some reason too! Weird, but true.
    Who is the artist responsible for that pic, btw? I love it.

  5. Man, that thing is like disappointment raised to opera. It's a tour de force!


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