13 December 2009

wired road

I'm taking the rest of December off because Christmas trees and chestnuts don't roasts themselves. I'll stumble back here around New Years, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all.


  1. Hope you have the most awesome christmas and new year AB! I'll miss you! (even though I've been absent and slack lately...sowwy!)May Santy be generous, and the food delicious! Enjoy, my friend :)

  2. Hey Asshole-

    Sorry, I just noticed this post—I have been a little off-line myself because of the holidays.

    Although you may not read this until after Christmas, I did want to give you a little gift. It is a lot like the one you gave me except with FIREMEN!!!!!

    This vid is sessy HOT!

    It even makes me blush a little bit.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Asylum Dolly,

    Awww, your a real sweet pea. I know you're into dolls, so my gift to you is this link.


    I thought you were going to give me a stripper like this, but like a purple tie, that works too.

  4. Coolest link ever! Fanx AB! Also thankyou for the comment on my last post :) It's all in the past now as far as I'm concerned...just got badmouthed by some idiot. A conveniently anonymous idiot at that. Chickenshit. They'll get theirs i'm sure. They've just made me determined to become a fabulous artist so i can totally kick thweir asses and really stick it to them!
    On a lighter note, again, have a fantabulous christmas my friend!

  5. Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!

  6. I always wanted to say this... Merry Christmas Asshole... But I mean it with love though ok!? OK.

  7. Karina,

    right back at you chica.


    and I take it with love, now get over here so I can fuck you up every which way from tuesday.


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