30 December 2009


People I will NOT be celebrating New Year's Eve with:



  1. hehehe. Hmm, the middle two in the cheesy "shinwa" pic are kinda cute though...
    Oh yes, CAAAAAAAAKE! I'm going to become one of those ladies who bakes pretty cupcakes this year.I aim high!Cake is a serious matter.
    WriteAprisoner! Hahahahahaha!!! Yeah right, I bet you just want to "write" to him ;)
    Happy happy New Year AB! We Australians are a day ahead (greetings from the FUUUUTUUURE!), so tonight is NYE. I'll be in 2010 while you're still stuck in '09!
    Ha, seriously though, I'll no doubt be doing something boring...but I cannot face New Year crowds in the city...gah! A glass of shiraz and some music will do me!
    have a good one!

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention who I'd LIKE to spend New year with....hmmmm....Mike Patton,the guys from Flight Of The Conchords, and Robert Downey Jnr please. Although RDJ has to dress up as Sherlock Holmes and use an english accent. Yep, that'd be nice.
    Pfft...methinks i need to do some quick cosmetic surgery, employ a makeup artist who specialises in miracles,and wash my hair first.Ah, but a girl can dream!

  3. Asylum Dolly.

    I'd be a nightmare in a prison setting. Turning boyfriend against boyfriend for more mashed potatoes in the chow line, snapping off dicks if they won't toss my salad, forcing myself on hot Aryan Brotherhood members, fuckin' nightmare I tell you.

    One day ahead? I thought you people were celebrating May Day. Do me a favor, look up the Santa Anita Racetrack winning horses for tommorow my time.

    Dolly Asylum,

    Get a load of Asylum Dolly, is she serious? ROLF


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