09 December 2009

cow head soup

Russ's pagan cow head told me the sign of Taurus rules the zodiac, I told him to suck my Pisces dick sideways.


  1. You need to stop talking like that to Russ's pagan cow, it might take you up on it and bite you. Oh, the screaming.

    By the way, I've tagged you for a game to spread holiday cheer. To be honest it was a mistake, I thought the game spread holiday queer, so you and Russ's pagan cow popped into my head. Just kidding, actually, I was just curious to know what you and Russ's pagan cow do during the holiday, so I tagged you. Here is the link if you want to play: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2009/12/check-your-witch-and-tag-her-twice.html

  2. If I ain't getting some type of blog award, I ain't doin it.

  3. Ha! I could award you The Only One With Big Enough Balls to Step Out of the Asshole Closet Award, would you do it then? ;)

  4. Yes, and I want s ""Moons Over My Hammy" breakfast sammich from Denny's.


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